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The Adriatic coast is so attractive to beach fanatics

The Adriatic coast is a popular destination because of its attractive beaches and they are some of the greatest places to visit in the region if you are after a fantastic beach holiday.

First on the list should be Rajska Plaza, which is located on Lopar which is also known as Rab Island. Many beaches on the Adriatic coast are pebbled and this one is a beautiful oasis of sand and is very popular with visitors. The beach has excellent facilities and is kept very clean, there are bars and cafes available so you can relax by the beach and swimming is very safe as there are lifeguards on duty. One of the best ways to get an idea of how stunning the beach is would be to look at photographs; you will really see that it is a paradise.

Sv Ivan beach is located on Cres Island and has an extensive history dating back four millennia. It is a place that is tranquil and is a wonderful place to escape to and spend a relaxing holiday. This beach is not easy to reach, but everyone who goes there will tell you that the 45 minute walk is well worth it. If you do not fancy walking there is a much easier way to get to the beach, you can hire a boat from the coast nearby and have it take you to the beaches shores by sea. Its seclusion mean Sv Ivan beach is often wonderfully peaceful while others in the area have become crowded.

Zlatni Rat is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia and is very recognisable as it appears on a great many postcards in the area. It is a fine pebble beach and stretches for over half a mile. There are a great many activities to take part in on this beach and these will appeal to those who like adventure, there are jetskis, boats, gondolas, and banana boats all available for rent. This beach is particularly known as a hotspot for those who enjoy windsurfing.

As well as these entertainment facilities there are plenty of opportunities to relax, along the beachfront there are a great many restaurants and bars where you can find good food and refreshments. The centre of the beach is forested and here you will find a good selection of cafes.

For those who enjoy a good party, Zrce beach on Pag Island is probably the destination to head for. It is very popular among younger people and it is known for its beach parties that run all day and night. There are no less than four nightclubs on the beach which often see famous DJs performing in them. There are also several summer festivals held on the beach where famous artists perform.

Finally, there is Punta Rata which is located on the Makarska Riviera, which is known for its very long pebbled beaches. Forbes magazine recently recognised it as one of the best beaches in the world.

The South Tyrol

The South Tyrol is simply one of the most breathtaking areas on earth to go for any kind of winter activity. Encompassed within the boundaries of both the Dolomites and the Alps, this area of outstanding natural beauty is a favourite of many, but a yet undiscovered jewel of many more. Whether your penchant is for skiing, snowboarding or apres ski, there will be a resort in to satisfy your desires, and ensure that this winter holiday is one of the best ever.

As this years winter season approaches, a video has been released online to highlight both the beauty and diversity of this region and to show exactly what the ‘other side of Italy’ has to offer winter sports enthusiasts. You see holidaymakers embracing everything that this amazing region has to offer, and the camera work perfectly captures the breathtaking landscape.

You will no doubt have heard of some of the main resorts in but, like many others, won’t actually realised what region they were actually in. Top resorts such as Val Gardena and San Martino will be instantly recognised by skiing fans, and others like Obereggen and Glitschberg offer winter sports enthusiasts all manner of activities. It is amazing how much is packed into this relatively small area, and its little wonder it is growing so quickly in popularity.

In this region you will find an awful lot more that just skiing and snowboarding, there is cycling, hiking, climbing, horse riding, ice skating on frozen lakes, the list is endless. Due to the location of , you are also guaranteed outstanding gastronomy during your stay in this small yet perfectly formed region of Northern Italy. This winter wonderland is just waiting to welcome this years visitors, the pistes are ready to be conquered, as are the many bars and restaurants.

Kakopetria Solea Valley in Cyprus

Kakopetria is the highest village in the Solea Valley in Cyprus and sits between two rivers located about 30 miles away from Nicosia. It is over 650 m above sea level and this means there is beautifully pure mountain air which makes this a perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. It is a great location in the winter months to use as a base for skiing, the Troodos Mountains are the location of Mount Olympus and they are nearby.

The town has an incredible atmosphere which you will easily be able to absorb by a walk around the stunning old town. The tiny streets are lined with historic buildings and churches and there are many houses made of stone. There are a great many taverns in the town square where you will be able to enjoy a drink or a quiet meal.

This mountain village is romantic and authentic and there are some great places to enjoy wines that are produced in the local area as well as restaurants that are serving up excellent local cuisine. There are also many wineries in the mountains where vistors can taste the local vintages.

There are a great many Byzantine churches and ancient monasteries in the area and one of note is the Kykkos Monastery which is probably the most famous monastery in all of Cyprus. There is a world Heritage site nearby which includes a castle, the House of Dionysis and the tombs of the Kings

Hiking and walking is very popular in the area as there are beautiful valleys, thick forests and plenty of wildlife to be enjoyed. The area is surrounded by well marked trails that will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery in the region. Many of the trails take you on routes that will allow you to see some of the regions most notable monasteries.

For those who would like to experience something a bit more exciting there are plenty of opportunities for mountain biking in the region. There are many routes that cover different types of terrain and there is something for everyone – whether you are looking for just a leisurely ride or something a bit more intense. Horse riding as well as jeep safaris are another great way to explore the area.

If you’re looking for a great place to relax then the beaches on the south coast are the perfect location. You will also find plenty of water sports on offer as well as diving and snorkelling opportunities. Golfers will enjoy the region as there are several 18-hole golf courses a short drive away from the town. The weather in the region is hot and dry but the altitude brings significant relief from the heat.

New England a world of possibilities

The United States is a country known for its technical advancements and aggressive modernisation. There are places in America though which maintain their natural beauty and embrace their rich history. New England is just one of these places and the history of this part of the United States goes back to its very foundation. There are tales of revolutions to be told in the area which include the fight for the independence of the United States.

This region is a very popular tourist attraction because of its powerful history but also attracts people because there are many outdoor activities in the region. There are opportunities for skiing, rafting, hiking, golf and many other outdoor activities.

There are a great many cities in New England with well-developed facilities that offer exceptional sightseeing, accommodation, food, and cultural activities. Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire are some of the most popular places in New England and all have excellent museums, parks, and nightlife.

Food in New England is quite unique from the rest of United States and it embraces its historical roots. The various dishes have been updated so that they are acceptable to the modern palate and there are many different foods to try while you are in the region. Shopping is also something that can be enjoyed in the region and many items such as fine art, gift boxes, souvenirs, posters and prints are all available.

The United States is very large country and even a specific region like New England has internal flights. If you come to America and want to visit the different cities in the region you can easily do this by taking a shorthaul flight. Taking an internal flight in the United States is an easy process as you don’t have to arrive at the airport as early as you do for an international departure.

For those coming to New England with children there are plenty of activities and there are numerous amusement parks across the region. The range of attractions in New England makes it a very popular place to visit for people of all ages. Many of the popular cities have Aquarians ensues which is sure to fascinate children and adults alike.

The region is actually home to some of the world’s largest zoos which are inhabited by some of the most diverse animals from all around the planet. They are particularly known for their sea life and the Aquarians provide a fascinating insight into life below the waves.

New England is a place with a rich history and a deep running culture. Throughout the major cities in the region there are numerous monuments and museums which provide proof of the countries rich history. For anyone visiting the region taking a tour around any of these attractions is a good way to get an idea into the history of New England.

Corsica hidden in the Mediterranean

One of the hidden travel destinations within the Mediterranean is still Corsica which has somehow managed to remain untouched by the tourist industry despite the fact that the beautiful island is centrally located.  In fact, the island itself is only 183km by 83km but it still manages to fit in plenty of diverse landscape making it well worth a day trip.  In fact, during the same day you can spend time swimming in the water and tanning on the sandy beaches and then in the mid afternoon take a short drive and trek through pine and oak forests.

Of course, you will not want to rush to fit all of these activities into just a few hours because half of the fun of visiting Corsica is taking the time to actually explore what the island has to offer because the landscapes each have their own charm that should be enjoyed thoroughly.  For instance, the way of life is very interesting to absorb and take some time to enjoy which is why a few hours should be spent in a local village meeting the Corsicans who are often happy to tell their stories and even invite visitors into their homes if you are friendly enough.

Those who are concerned about nightlife also will not have to worry because in the Great South region of the island there are some of the best beaches of the region along with some of the top bars, clubs, and more all designed for party evenings during the summer time in Porto-Vecchio.  On the other hand, if physical activities are more of your thing you can spend the day climbing over the scenic cliffs that make up Bonifacio which should do the trick if you are looking to get a real workout.

For a nice mixture that includes some of the main life and some of the natural side of Corsica you can also travel through Calvi and the Balagne as the mountain trails that dot through Balagne should be enough to satisfy your taste for the sights and the trendy city life of Calvi should keep you happy at night.  Plus, there are some deserted beaches to see along the way which will allow you to imagine the island long before it was inhabited and populated like it is today.

Once you get a taste of the deserted beaches if you want to see some truly isolated beaches which are novelty in the Mediterranean area you can head towards the West Coast and hire a boat to reach the Scandola nature reserve or travel along the red rock beach shore of Piana which is a natural wonder that is well worth the time and the cost of the boat hire.  After just a few minutes in either of these sights it is easy to see why they are now protected by UNESCO.

Meet Private Tour Guide Sunil in Dubai

Interested in exploring Dubai and seeing it through the eyes of a local? Book a tour with private guide Sunil! Indian by citizenship but born and raised in the UAE, he is passionate about traveling and loves showing visitors around the region.

Known for its ultra-fast modernization, Dubai is also a cultural hub where people from different parts of the world have come together to create a unique destination for exploring. Additionally, it is incredibly safe and more liberal than many of its neighboring countries, which makes it an ideal location for traveling. And with over nine years of tour guide experience, Sunil is the perfect resource for anyone looking to plan a trip there!

Nile Cruise Inspiration

The Nile is born of two major tributaries, known as the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The source of the White Nile is found in the Great Lakes region of central Africa, flowing north from southern Rwanda up through Tanzania, Lake Victoria, Uganda and Sudan. The Blue Nile, on the other hand, begins in Lake Tana in Ethiopia, flowing northwards to meet the White Nile in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital.

Whilst the Nile passes through many countries as it snakes north through the desert and up to the Mediterranean Sea, it is the northern section of the Nile that lies in Egypt that has become world famous. Since ancient times the people of Egypt have relied on the Nile to provide them with water and fertile land on which to grow crops for food and trade.

Auckland, New Zealand four cities in one

There are a number of great points to Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and the business centre of the country, plus there are a number of interesting and fun activities in Auckland that will always keep your itinerary full. There are spots to relax and unwind and there are spots to be active and on the go.

Auckland the city is within the Auckland region that also consists of three other cites Manukau City, North Shore City and Waitakere City. There are three districts that also form part of the Auckland region and they are Rodney, Franklin and Papakura. The beautiful region of Auckland is on four major tour routes like the Twin Coast Discovery, Pacific Coast Highway, Thermal Explorer and the Great New Zealand Touring Route.

Auckland also has great city life. There are a number of businesses and offices since this is the country’s business center. The largest international airport in New Zealand is also located in Auckland as well as two other smaller domestic airports. There are numerous shopping malls, pubs, bars, restaurants, cabarets, nightclubs and cafes all across the city.

Marine life is also worth seeing in Auckland. The city is home to two busy harbours that helped to give the city its nickname the City of Sails. These and more are some of the reasons why many people come and go from the city every day of the year. They arrive and leave via ferries, buses, planes, trains, and even private jets.

There are a number of recreational activities to enjoy and many of them are very reasonably priced. You can enjoy golf, rugby, cricket and even bush treks. There are other activities like rappelling or how about a descent down steep and beautiful mountains what the New Zealanders call abseiling.

The city has a number of superb beaches and seaside attractions. There are 28 beaches where you can enjoy swimming, surfing, sailing, fishing or just playing and the beaches and parks are all free.