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Egypt’s beach resorts

A beach holiday is a great way to get away from all of the stresses of home, and just find the perfect way to relax and enjoy some time away from it all. Egypt is a country that has some of the best beaches in the world, and many of these can be found along the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Egypt as a destination is probably more affordable than you might think so, and if you are considering a holiday away to get some sun then it would be well worth considering Egypt.

If you are looking for deserted beaches that are completely unspoilt by man then you should go to the western coast, specifically Sinai. At Ras Sudar you will find the perfect place to relax on the sand like the locals do. This is also the perfect place to experience an Egyptian beach, and there are many restaurants in the local area that serve up great, and authentic, Egyptian food.

Another great place to escape the resorts is to go to Nabq Bay. This beach is near to Sharm el Sheikh and is wonderfully quiet but it also has many of the facilities that can make a relaxing day on the beach more enjoyable. It is also easy for those staying near the beach to go into the local town where there is a great deal to do and see.

It used to be known as a place for hippies but now Dahab beach has the great restaurants and bars that you will see on most of the beaches in the country. The beaches in this region are stunning, with their shallow and calm waters. There are also some excellent diving schools here and some great activities to entertain children.

For a romantic getaway, Nuweiba is a great place to come and it also has a fantastic beach. This is actually one of the greatest beaches in all of Egypt, but it is something of a secret kept among the locals. You can reach this beach by car from Dahab and it is well worth hiring a car to make the trip.

If you want to find even more beaches that are untouched then it would be worth going to Sharm al-Maya, this is a few miles away from Naama Bay, which is a livelier place. This place doesn’t get very many visitors so you are sure to be able to enjoy it is complete peace.