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The Adriatic coast is so attractive to beach fanatics

The Adriatic coast is a popular destination because of its attractive beaches and they are some of the greatest places to visit in the region if you are after a fantastic beach holiday.

First on the list should be Rajska Plaza, which is located on Lopar which is also known as Rab Island. Many beaches on the Adriatic coast are pebbled and this one is a beautiful oasis of sand and is very popular with visitors. The beach has excellent facilities and is kept very clean, there are bars and cafes available so you can relax by the beach and swimming is very safe as there are lifeguards on duty. One of the best ways to get an idea of how stunning the beach is would be to look at photographs; you will really see that it is a paradise.

Sv Ivan beach is located on Cres Island and has an extensive history dating back four millennia. It is a place that is tranquil and is a wonderful place to escape to and spend a relaxing holiday. This beach is not easy to reach, but everyone who goes there will tell you that the 45 minute walk is well worth it. If you do not fancy walking there is a much easier way to get to the beach, you can hire a boat from the coast nearby and have it take you to the beaches shores by sea. Its seclusion mean Sv Ivan beach is often wonderfully peaceful while others in the area have become crowded.

Zlatni Rat is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia and is very recognisable as it appears on a great many postcards in the area. It is a fine pebble beach and stretches for over half a mile. There are a great many activities to take part in on this beach and these will appeal to those who like adventure, there are jetskis, boats, gondolas, and banana boats all available for rent. This beach is particularly known as a hotspot for those who enjoy windsurfing.

As well as these entertainment facilities there are plenty of opportunities to relax, along the beachfront there are a great many restaurants and bars where you can find good food and refreshments. The centre of the beach is forested and here you will find a good selection of cafes.

For those who enjoy a good party, Zrce beach on Pag Island is probably the destination to head for. It is very popular among younger people and it is known for its beach parties that run all day and night. There are no less than four nightclubs on the beach which often see famous DJs performing in them. There are also several summer festivals held on the beach where famous artists perform.

Finally, there is Punta Rata which is located on the Makarska Riviera, which is known for its very long pebbled beaches. Forbes magazine recently recognised it as one of the best beaches in the world.

The South Tyrol

The South Tyrol is simply one of the most breathtaking areas on earth to go for any kind of winter activity. Encompassed within the boundaries of both the Dolomites and the Alps, this area of outstanding natural beauty is a favourite of many, but a yet undiscovered jewel of many more. Whether your penchant is for skiing, snowboarding or apres ski, there will be a resort in to satisfy your desires, and ensure that this winter holiday is one of the best ever.

As this years winter season approaches, a video has been released online to highlight both the beauty and diversity of this region and to show exactly what the ‘other side of Italy’ has to offer winter sports enthusiasts. You see holidaymakers embracing everything that this amazing region has to offer, and the camera work perfectly captures the breathtaking landscape.

You will no doubt have heard of some of the main resorts in but, like many others, won’t actually realised what region they were actually in. Top resorts such as Val Gardena and San Martino will be instantly recognised by skiing fans, and others like Obereggen and Glitschberg offer winter sports enthusiasts all manner of activities. It is amazing how much is packed into this relatively small area, and its little wonder it is growing so quickly in popularity.

In this region you will find an awful lot more that just skiing and snowboarding, there is cycling, hiking, climbing, horse riding, ice skating on frozen lakes, the list is endless. Due to the location of , you are also guaranteed outstanding gastronomy during your stay in this small yet perfectly formed region of Northern Italy. This winter wonderland is just waiting to welcome this years visitors, the pistes are ready to be conquered, as are the many bars and restaurants.

Kakopetria Solea Valley in Cyprus

Kakopetria is the highest village in the Solea Valley in Cyprus and sits between two rivers located about 30 miles away from Nicosia. It is over 650 m above sea level and this means there is beautifully pure mountain air which makes this a perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. It is a great location in the winter months to use as a base for skiing, the Troodos Mountains are the location of Mount Olympus and they are nearby.

The town has an incredible atmosphere which you will easily be able to absorb by a walk around the stunning old town. The tiny streets are lined with historic buildings and churches and there are many houses made of stone. There are a great many taverns in the town square where you will be able to enjoy a drink or a quiet meal.

This mountain village is romantic and authentic and there are some great places to enjoy wines that are produced in the local area as well as restaurants that are serving up excellent local cuisine. There are also many wineries in the mountains where vistors can taste the local vintages.

There are a great many Byzantine churches and ancient monasteries in the area and one of note is the Kykkos Monastery which is probably the most famous monastery in all of Cyprus. There is a world Heritage site nearby which includes a castle, the House of Dionysis and the tombs of the Kings

Hiking and walking is very popular in the area as there are beautiful valleys, thick forests and plenty of wildlife to be enjoyed. The area is surrounded by well marked trails that will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery in the region. Many of the trails take you on routes that will allow you to see some of the regions most notable monasteries.

For those who would like to experience something a bit more exciting there are plenty of opportunities for mountain biking in the region. There are many routes that cover different types of terrain and there is something for everyone – whether you are looking for just a leisurely ride or something a bit more intense. Horse riding as well as jeep safaris are another great way to explore the area.

If you’re looking for a great place to relax then the beaches on the south coast are the perfect location. You will also find plenty of water sports on offer as well as diving and snorkelling opportunities. Golfers will enjoy the region as there are several 18-hole golf courses a short drive away from the town. The weather in the region is hot and dry but the altitude brings significant relief from the heat.

Top 5 Places In Yorkshire To Walk Your Dog

When planning your next getaway, don’t leave Fido at home. Owner and pet holidays can be fun and relaxing if you know exactly where to go. The following places will help you and your dog have a fantastic trip

1. North York Moors National Park

Known for being one of the largest green areas in the United Kingdom, North Yorkshire Moors is the perfect place to let your dog wallow about. He or she will fit in with resident wildlife as you explore the seemingly never-ending moors that appear to roll into each other. Reserve one of the Yorkshire cottages in the area so that you can prolong your stay.

Doggy tip: Your dog will have plenty of space to wander here, however, keep him close by when groups of passing animals approach.

2. Helmsley Walled Garden

Also located in Yorkshire, these historic garden grounds will be a treat for the both of you. Here you can hang out under the shade of fruit trees or let your four-legged pal splash around in the dipping pond.

Doggy tip: Bring materials to dispose of waste so that you can clean up after your furry friend.

3. Brahmam Park

This meeting place in West Yorkshire is delightful both in its ample yard space and its one-of-a-kind design. Cantered around a summer home built at the turn of the 18th century house, the grounds are a sprawling respite that includes a pond, a boardwalk and a temple.

Doggy tip: Look for signs advising when your pet pal has to be on a lead.

4. Burton Agnes Hall

Both the sights and smells of the walled gardens in this locale will make you want to stay forever. Head to East Yorkshire for a decidedly different pace at Burton Agnes Hall. This popular family spot is a great place to walk your cuddly companion and the mile-long woodland walk will give it a great chance to stretch its legs.

Doggy tip: Burton Agnes Hall can be quite busy during the day, have your dog on a lead at all times.

5. Pugneys Country Park

This South Yorkshire park is designed for maximum enjoyment for both you and your dog. While humans have a choice between water sports on one of the two lakes or trail jogging, your dog can have a little fun of its own in the dog wash area.

Tijuca National Park Rio

The Tijuca National Park is located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Among the sights of the park, apart from the trails, caves and waterfalls, are famous landmarks such as Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, and Tijuca Peak, the highest point of the park, rising 1022 meters above sea level. The mountainous area includes areas of the Massif da Tijuca.

There are several important water sources that supply the urban water supply, and recreation and quality of life for residents, while preserving the landscape and promoting tourism. The preservation of the park is directly related to the welfare, health and wealth of the city, and perhaps its greatest green asset.

The Tijuca National Park was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1991.
It is the smallest national park and is in the central portion of the city and the blends in seamlessly with the urban area.

Originally, the entire park was covered by dense Tropical Rainforest. Historically, this forest was heavily degraded due to the removal of timber, firewood and charcoal for their numerous mills, cane sugar production, brick kilns and for domestic purposes, as well as the expansion of coffee in almost all areas.

In 1860, by order of Emperor D. Pedro II, the area began to be reforested with native tree seedlings. Along with natural regeneration, the area was reclaimed, forming the forest we see today, with a rich and diverse flora.

As a result of the changes that have occurred over the past 400 years, the biosphere of the park is unique and does not have all the animals that characterise similar sites of Atlantic slope of the Serra do Mar. The majority of wildlife are shy of visitors or have nocturnal habits.

There are insects, spiders and other arthropods including several snake species, caninana, corals, jararaca and jararacucus, lizards, geckos and iguanas plus birds lizards, tanagers, lace, tanagers, spies, hummingbirds, Juriti, hawks, vultures, urus, and Jacupemba inhambus-comum.

The mammals are marmosets, monkeys, dogs-do-mato, coatis, raccoons, cats, pigs, cavies, hedgehogs coendu, squirrels, tapitis, armadillos, anteaters and opossums-Mirim

Recreation & Sports Practice

Mountaineering is one of the many activities practiced in the park. The Tijuca National Park, besides the beautiful scenery of its many vantage points Chinese Pavilion, Mirante Dona Marta, Vista Admiral, it is possible to enjoy the quiet, calm, clean air, mild temperature and inspiring environment of the rainforest.

Hiking trails, swimming in the waterfalls, biking and picnicking are some of the recreational activities allowed. The walks are moderate and unfold to offer stunning views at Pedra Bonita at 524 m, Parrot’s Peak at 987 m and Pico da Tijuca at 1,021 m, and walks with more difficulty show the spectacular panorama in the Stone Gavea at 842 m.

The park has a visitor’s centre, library, health and various recreational areas, such as Dogwood, Bom Retiro, Mayrink and the Dam of Solitude.


The park is open daily from 8 am to 1700, and 1800 during the summer. The many roads allow the visitor to view the park on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, auto and bus and to see the Statue of Christ Redeemer and spectacular Lookout Mountain. Visitors are also offered the option of the train journey with the Corcovado Railroad, which starts at the station located at Rua Cosme Velho.

Several tour companies run circuits in the park in special vehicles, and a helicopter can be used to view the Tijuca National Park sites and it is possible to hire a scenic flight in the area with the Mirante Dona Marta.

Devon’s coast has a huge amount to offer visitors

The coastline of Devon in the Southwest of England is unquestionably one of the most beautiful spots in the country.  Devon has long been known for its scenic attractions, and it is becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination for short breaks or extended excursions amongst the cliffs and beaches along this gorgeous stretch of coastal England.  The added attraction of plentiful and diverse accommodations also includes just about any budget.

From basic to luxurious, cottages, caravan parks, camping facilities and other options are available, providing access to beaches for swimming and surfing, tidal pools for exploring, walks and picnic spots galore.  For cyclists there’s a truly marvelous opportunity in the Devon Coast to Coast route that is largely traffic free and you can hop on it anywhere from Ilfracombe to Plymouth.

The 95-mile stretch from East Devon to Dorset is England’s first World Heritage site, known as the Jurassic Coast, where 185 million years of Earth’s history is recorded in the rocks.  The area is   fascinating for its history alone, but added to its remarkable scenic beauty, it’s an ideal getaway for a family holiday, a romantic interlude or just a day at the beach.

Ilfracombe, on the North Devon coast, is one of the favorite spots for all sorts of entertainment.  It is known for the Tunnel Beaches, delved out of the surrounding cliffs in the 1820?s to create the private beaches and tidal pools that were the ‘underpinnings’ of the fashionable Victorian resort.  Today the area offers all the amenities of a modern holiday resort whilst retaining much of the charm of an earlier century.

South Devon is also famous for its relatively warm and sunny climate – in fact it’s called the English Riviera. This is a fabulous spot for walking or cycling tours, and beaches such as Blackpool Sands, Dawlish Warren and Paignton offer every activity from sun bathing to sailing, with swimming and snorkeling in between and surfing for the adventurous. There’s even one named Beer, in a sheltered cove that’s called a suntrap and still supports a working fishing boat harbor.

Altogether, there really is something for every age and interest on this magnificent coast, but maybe one of the greatest attractions is its quality of unspoiled and unexploited natural beauty. It’s all there for your enjoyment and refreshment, as it’s been since the British Isles were formed.

Tour of the Year: Mysterious Masada

Every visitor to Israel must see Jerusalem – the cherry on the cake – but if you have at least one more day, why not see the icing? When you see the salt deposits at the Dead Sea you’ll think of whipped cream!

Combining the Dead Sea with Masada and the stunning oases and rock formations of the Judean Desert makes for a thrilling on/off road experience you will not find anywhere else in the world.

I recommend approaching the area from Arad – if you can, why not spend the afternoon in Arad and sleep there? There are many attractions in the area, which we can visit in an afternoon: Tel Arad, the remains of a typical Israelite fortified town, the Yatir Forest and the Yatir Winery (which will guarantee you a good night’s sleep!). For beer and sports lovers, the legendary Muza Pub.

From Arad, we can go directly to Masada, or time permitting, detour through the refreshing oasis of Ein Gedi, (where King Solomon composed the ‘Song of Songs’) with its sulphur springs, waterfalls and nature reserves, and occasional sightings of endangered desert creatures

Orlando’s Best Family Attractions

Orlando in Florida is the destination of millions of holidaymakers this summer from all over the world. It is one of those unique destinations that has something to appeal to all ages, and even those intended for the kids are hugely enjoyed by the adults. The main problem with a trip to Orlando is planning an itinerary that takes in the main sights you want to see without it seeming like a relentless army exercise.

The biggest bulk of the tourists are families, the kids however tend to be from toddler age to young adult as Orlando is one of the few places where it is still cool to go with your parents after you pass a certain age! As far a family attractions go, these are a just a few from the vast range available, and sitting down altogether to plan your days would be the best idea.

Mention Florida and Disneyworld immediately springs to mind, no can failed to be entranced by the magical essence of this premier resort, and it will be talked about long after the tan has faded. It’s hard to believe that some still get Disneyworld in Florida and Disneyland in California, so when you are shopping for your tickets make sure that you have Disney ticket, Orlando somewhere on your screen before purchasing.

Discovery Cove is an exquisite, tropical island set in the tropical reef just off the Orlando coast. It is here that many achieve their lifetime ambition of swimming with Dolphins. Unlike other places that allow this but in a small, cordoned off area, you and the Dolphins can swim together in their natural environment making for an altogether for satisfying experience.

As well as Dolphins you will see the fabulously coloured fish that make this area their home, and also be able to glide in the crystal clear waters with Rays. Discovery Cove tickets are widely available in advance online, and like all other tickets, you should do a bit of research as the prices will vary between websites. Planned carefully, your trip to Orlando will be the greatest experience of your life, and truly one that you will never forget.


Blackpool and the Northwest of England

Enjoy views of the Irish Sea while visiting . The area remained sparsely populated until the eighteenth century, when sea water baths became popular with the English population. The area currently hosts a number of conferences and cultural events during the year.

North West England is one of nine official English regions. A number of residents were born in the United Kingdom, but a large immigrant population also resides in the area. English, Celtic, South Asian dialects and Spanish are among the commonly spoken languages.

After being connected with the rest of England via railway construction in the 1840s, Blackpool emerged as a tourist destination. New settlement increased city size and by 1876 the area was incorporated as a borough. By 1901 the area’s reputation as a seaside resort was firmly established. The promenade attraction included theatres, donkey rides and fortune tellers.

Today, Blackpool remains a favourite summertime destination for UK residents. Enjoy live performances at the Grand Theatre. Shows run regularly during the late summer. Shall We Dance, a movie starring Jennifer Lopez, feature the Blackpool Dance Festival, an internationally recognized ballroom dance competition. From late August to early November, Blackpool Illuminations light up the sea front. The area is affectionately known as the gay capital of the North, providing a safe haven for alternative lifestyles.

Additional attractions include the Blackpool Tower, designed after the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Three piers hold shops, arcade centres and various rides. Funny Girls, located on Dickson Road, is home to a drag cabaret burlesque show bar. Visit the chamber of horrors at Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks. Board the Blackpool tram, one of the oldest electrical versions in the world, for a leisurely, self-guided city tour. Many area attractions are accessible by train or bus.

During low season, Winter Gardens hosts a number of political and trade union conferences. Conference rooms, a theatre and ballroom are located inside the facility. Since 1994 the World Matchplay darts tournament has been held every July at the venue.

Location is everything when searching for cheap hotels in the Blackpool area. Many hotels in Blackpool offer beachfront views. Some offer additional amenities including free wireless internet and fitness facilities. Save money when you book accommodations situated at a distance from the city centre. Make your next vacation destination.

The Lake District one of the world’s great Lakeland areas

The Lake District, located in North West England, has mountains and lakes that span a wide area of close to 850 square miles. The land is varied enough to make it good for hiking as well as leisurely strolls in the country. There are mountain peaks that extend 979m for great climbing and other lower peaks that consist of vast moorland that is great for just a calm walk.

Geologists are also interested in the area because of Barrowdale Volcanic rocks and Skiddaw Slate that dates back over 500 million years. The features in the area came about during the glaciation where a U-shaped ice covered valley in the earth. This area is great for holidays that are for walking in the UK where you are able to explore this ancient place.

The dampest part of the UK is where the Lake District is located, with mid-summer temperatures reaching15C during the day with this being ideal for hiking in the UK. You do not need extra jackets nor will you stress from exercising in high heat.

The area in and around Lake District National Park is home to loads of wildlife and there are a number of protected animals with many species that are indigenous to the area. A walking holiday gives you the chance to see the wildlife not see anywhere else.

There are pathways along the lake to walk on and you can stop to see red squirrels as they scamper by. The only pair of golden eagles in England is found here, and maybe you will be lucky enough to get to see one.

For the botanists in the group there are two extraordinary flowers here, the Butterwort and Sundew flowers that native to England. The plants eat insects by luring them and trapping them which gives them the majority of their nutrition.

Below the waters in the lake there are many interesting things as well with at least three endangered fish species in the lakes. The Vendace is in the waters of Derwent and Bassenthwaite; the Artic Charr is in Coniston Water, Buttermere and Ennerdale and the Schnelly is in Red Tarn, Haweswater, Brothes and Ullswater.

The famous author of children’s books, Beatrix Potter, lived in Hill Top Farm where she received inspirations for a number of her stories of the area. Look out for Peter Rabbit you may just see him bobbing through the undergrowth.