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Australian Holidays Experiences

When you ask people where their dream holiday destination is, one of the most popular answers will always be Australia. This amazing country on the other side of the globe has never diminished in appeal to the UK tourist, and is still the number one destination that Brits say they would like to emirate to. Thanks to the exceptional transport links between the UK and Australia, this dream holiday destination is now very much a reality.

The Australia experience is something we should all take part in if we get the chance. This glorious country has modern cities, ancient Aborigine monuments and wild rugged countryside. As with planning long haul trips, the hardest part can be deciding what you specifically want to see and trying to plan around these so you get as much as you can out of your trip down under.

Almost all of the main tour operators will be able to offer you package holidays to Australia for you. This will include all your flights, transfers, accommodation etc. This is by far the easiest way to book your Australia holidays but those with wunderlust and a sense of adventure often choose to do it completely different to squeeze as much into their trip as possible.

Backpacking is still the number one way to see Australia and thousands of students taking their gap year flock to the country every year to experience the great Australian lifestyle before getting down to their serious studies. The top tourist attraction for decades has been Sydney. With its iconic opera house and that famous view of the harbour that we have seen so many times on television, experiencing this in real life in mind blowing.

The biggest rock monolith in the world is situated near Alice Springs and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Ayers Rock rises from the desert like a rock of fire in the late afternoon soon. We have all seen the stunning images of the rock in its scarlet glory, and often forget that this place is sacred to the ancient Aborigine race who have inhabited Australia for generations, long before it became a penal colony.

A trip to Australia truly is a life changing experience, and one that everyone should try and accomplish in their lifetime. There, quite simply, isn’t another country in the world quite like Australia and to be part of it, even for a short time, will have an effect on you that lasts a lifetime.

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