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How to Plan a Journey Around the Black Sea

On the far frontier of Eastern Europe (or, alternatively, Western Asia) lies a sea whose very name conjures images of dreary skies and icy, tumultuous sea water. The Black Sea’s moody waves lap against the shores of six different countries — Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine, and each of these countries has a long and distinct relationship with this historically extremely important but often under-appreciated body of water. The sweet melancholy that haunts the shoreline during the colder months (i.e., most of the year) is an experience in its own right, but come during the summer season and watch [ ... ]

Tropea in Calabria Southern Italy

Tropea is one of the most beautiful towns in Calabria lies along the south Tyrrhenian coast. The coastline ( The Tyrrenian Coast ) from Pizzo Calabro to Nicotera is full of beaches, they are present receptive structures capable of offering excellent standards of hospitality. The Calabrian region is an integral part of the Mediterranean Sea. Tropea is a municipality located within the province of Vibo Valentia, in Calabria (southern Italy). The town is a famous bathing place, situated on a reef, in the gulf of St. Euphemia connected with the mainland by a narrow strip in the Tyrrhenian Sea, toward the [ ... ]